About The Game

To begin with…

As some or all of you may know, there are three branches of the Inquisition. Ordo Hereticus, whose sworn mission is to hunt down the heretic. Ordo Xenos, those who deal with the alien. And Ordo Malleus, they with the strength of will to face down the Ruinous Powers and their agents.

This story will be one following the path of Ordo Hereticus. Though there will be dealings with the alien and the daemon, it will focus primarily on the heretic. The game, however, will be following the course of investigation and the development of the characters.

Chronicle Style

  • Action: 2 – The grim darkness of the 41st Millennium is just that, grim… and the Imperium is beset on all sides by enemies, both foreign and domestic. As such, you will find yourself in a situation that a silver tongue or a brilliant mind will get you out of without a fight. The best way to survive is to fight only when you must. There will be combat, but not every game will have combat. I am more interested in your story than rolling dice… but sometimes that story involves killing a heretic or two…
  • Character Development: 5 – Your character’s personal story is just as important to me as the overarching story. You all are going to be assembled by the whims of fate. (…or is there something more behind it?) You will find yourselves having to rise up to match your wits against those who would seek your undoing. And not every character handles that the same.
  • Darkness: 4 – You are a light amidst the darkness, and there is a great deal of that in the grim darkness of 40k. Many imperial citizens never see the threats that constantly seek to devour them. But as Acolytes, you will at one point or another stare into the Void… and the Void will stare back.
  • Drama: 5 – I want to see players interacting with each other. Each character comes from a different world. Part of the fun of an ensemble style game is the various (hopefully minor) conflicts that come up, and how everyone works around them to become a mighty cohesive whole. Keep in mind though, that I do not want a completely antagonistic game. Ultimately, you will rely on your fellow Acolytes and trust them with your life. As such, please do not come up with concepts that are unable to work well with others. A bit of distrust early on is healthy, but in the end, I would prefer that you stand back to back, instead of stab each other in the back.
  • Intrigue: 4 – There will be intrigue in this game. Political intrigue will not really be a huge focus unless the characters make it so. But, there will be a great deal of intrigue in being covert and keeping your cover intact. Part of the reason I enjoy Dark Heresy as opposed to other 40k roleplaying games is the intrigue that comes part and parcel with working for the Inquisition. …secrets….
  • Mystery: 3 – Enigmas and hands working behind the scenes for those inclined to unravel the past, the present, and portents of the future. There is a great deal of things that have happened before, and gaining knowledge of such events will aid greatly in what is to come.
  • Pace: 1 – Slow. I want to give players time to investigate, to debate, to have their secret meetings, and to come to their decisions on how to handle problems without thinking that the plot could run away from them. There will be gray, moral quandary, that does not have a countdown detonation. The only rush will be the ones players make for themselves most of the time.

About The Game

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