Hegemony of the Righteous

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Hegemony of the Righteous


Population: ~350,000 (~98,000 crew)

Tithe Grade: Exactus Minoris

Classification: The Hegemony of the Righteous is a Chalice Class Battlecruiser.

               Dimensions: 5.1 km long, 0.8 km abeam at fins approx.
               Mass: 29 megatonnes approx.
               Accel: 3.4 gravities max sustainable acceleration.

Governmental Type: Imperial Naval Vessel

Flag-Captain: Rabalias Ramirez

Adeptus Presence: Moderately low. There is a small contingent of Adeptus Mechanicus on the ship for repairs and reinforcements. There is also a lower than average number of Adeptus Arbites on board, as the Imperial Guard police their own onboard.

Military: The Hegemony of the Righteous also housed the Merovian 34th Infantry when it was deployed for battle along the Spinward Front.

Status: As of 836.M41, The Hegemony of the Righteous has been reported missing, presumed destroyed, since the Liberation of Maesa. The last transmission given was a distress call, in orbit above Maesa. Designation: Raider Attack.

Hegemony of the Righteous

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