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Population: ~23 billion

Tithe Grade: Exactus Extremis

Classification: Malfi is the Hive World Regional Capital of the Malfian Subsector

Description: Hot/Temperate, the primary climate of the planet is semitropical with high amounts of precipitation and turbulent storm activity. The planet has a central supercontinental mass that is the focus of most of the population and industry. This mass comprises about 70% of the landspace available on the planet’s surface. Formerly a tropical region with jungle/rain forest biomes that progressed into a more arid/desert region that circled the planet and landmass along the equatorial belt. This landscape has been eradicated through the grand progress of Man and productivity of the citizenry. Now the landmass is comprised of a wide swath hive city urbanization and industrial development. The more arid and less fertile regions along the equator are rougher and less-civilized, in some places approximating ‘scav zones’. The sprawling hive metrop is connected through a mind-boggling amount of high and low speed road/transit networks referred to as the ‘Arteria.’

Governmental Type: Indigenous Hive Oligarchy, known as the League of Patented Nobility administers and controls the planet. The entire hive structure is subdivided into 1,243 administrative dominions that remain under the control of the Malfian nobility. The nobility is divided between seventeen levels of rank/title and composed of approximately three to four hundred different noble houses at any given time. These noble houses act as umbrella organizations that have any number of actual nobility under their auspice.

Planetary Governor: The Malfian capital is under the control of a Matriarch/Patriarch pursuant to the Articles of Compliance. This individual is elected for a life term as the Malfian Planetary Governor with secondary authority over various system worlds. A system of acclamation by the League provides the origin of the Matriarch/Patriarch.

Adeptus Presence: Strong/Extensive; all major Adeptus Terra are represented, tasked to duties centered on Malfi itself as a prominent Hive world, and as the administrative nexus of the Malfian sub. Notable inclusions feature full Astropathic Choir (subsector relay), extensive Imperial Guard mustering grounds, Departmento Munitorum storage/resupply depots, Battlefleet Calixis orbital station, and self-governing subsector Administratum enclave.

Inquisitorial Presence: Malfian sub—Ordo Calixis headquarters, Officio Planetia Inquisitorae

Military: Legion of Civil Protection planetary defense force. High number of private forces, huscarles and mercenaries maintained and under the control of the various noble houses. The quality of these forces varies but, due to economic distribution, the private armies are generally well-equipped, large and capable. Malfi also has a considerable amount of independent paramilitary and mercenary forces. Additionally, a highly violent indigenous culture and extensive nomadic criminal population in the Malfian ‘scav-zones’ make for excellent Imperial Guard recruits when tithed.

Trade/Economy: Malfi is the Calixis Sector’s second largest hive-based economy behind Scintilla. It is also the subsector’s production capital and primaris exporter for finished goods, metallurgy, manufactured materials and arms, as well as a transshipping hub with links across the sector and beyond the Halo Stars/Periphery. The system is a mass-importer of raw materials (particularly metallic ore) and food, and is incapable of feeding more than estimated 20% of its population without imports from nearby agri-worlds.

Another massive hiveworld, Malfi is the second biggest hiveworld and is the capital world in the Malfian Subsector. Subsisting on its metalwork and engineering work, Malfi is a gloomy place massive hive spires, and overdeveloped habitation units. The population of Malfi has a grudge, they believe that Malfi should be the sector capital and they venemously protest the supremacy of scintilla.

Early on in the Angevin Crusade which liberated the Calixis sector, the first of its regimes were placed on Malfi, but in the end were moved to Scintilla due to its more central location within the sector. Despite its efforts Malfi is still considered a border world, both producing and importing massive amounts of raw materials and finished goods.

Another major reason why Malfi had been passed up is because it is a place of the most infernal intrigue. The nobility in Malfi debate, prattle, and prance around using the most complex of traditions. Assasinations and sabotage are common ways to ascend in rank and power. Should a shadow war erupt between two noble houses, it will never end until one house is either destroyed or surrenders itself and all of its assets. Every act and notion in a Malfian’s life is about dissemblance and intrigue.

The Calixian Conclave, which has established a district office upon this world. The Conclave considers Malfi a hotbed of heresy, inssurection and recidivist activity, despite the frequent pogroms and raids. The vast webs of secrecy and deceit indeed prove a hard nut to crack even for the most trained agents of the Inquisition.

Entering Malfian society, one enteres a world of complexity, deceit and intrigue. Few emerge alive.


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