Mission Briefing 1

AUTHOR: Adept DeWinter, Adeptus Administratum
SUBJECT: Mission Briefing
NAME: Corpse-Fortune
LOCATION: Segmentum Obscurus
SECTOR: Koronos Expanse (Cauldron Sub)
TITHE GRADE: Exactus Nihilis

Mission Details:

Beyond the Rimward edge of the Calixis Sector lies the Koronus Expanse. The entrance to this region of space starts with the Space Fortress Port Wander. From Port Wander, you will be able to gain passage to the frozen Dead World of Corpse-Fortune aboard the Rogue Trading vessel The Furia Aeoli. Generous compensation will be provided for being able to complete the following objectives.

Primary Objective: Retrieve the object in at 086, 274.

Auspex scans have detected unknown readings at 086, 274. Initial scans show this item has psycho-reactive properties of an unknown origin. Due to the obfuscation and faint signal, it is believed to be under the ground, perhaps in a cave or subterranean structure. Furthermore, due to the dense atmospheric clouds above Corpse-Fortune Primaris, scans have been unable to get a more precise lock on the object. Should scanners be able to break through the atmosphere, more precise coordinates should be able to be obtained. The object is believed to be two meters high by one meter wide and one meter deep.

Secondary Objective: Look for and capture any Xenos lifeforms.

It is unknown if any Xenos lifeforms remain on Corpse-Fortune Primaris or Corpse-Fortune Secundus. Records show the Corpse-Fortune system was home to several Xenos species now believed to be extinct. Bring back any Xenos specimens you are able to. Preferred alive. Fossil samples also useful.

Tertiary Objective: Find what remains of the 403rd Penal Legion.

In M40.927, the Adeptus Mechanicus space station lost contact with the Imperial Guard’s 403rd Penal Legion on the surface of Corpse-Fortune Primaris. Recover any files or documentation that can shed light on what transpired. Their last point of contact was at 077.432, 193.853.

Mission Briefing 1

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