Sins of the Past

Welcome Your Benefactor
We Have Much To Discuss

After the mission, some were wounded, others unconscious, and the rest lucky. But all were scarred by what had transpired below. Lt. Jericho gave everyone six hours to rest before the debriefing. As questions were fielded, he ended the debriefing by introducing everyone to their Benefactor:

(The video is included here for those who were unable to see it because they couldn’t be there. I hope you all enjoy the reveal as much as I did keeping the surprise.)

Welcome Acolytes!
A Guide To Submitting Reports

CLASSIFICATION: Inquisitorial Report
ENCRYPTION: Cryptox v2.8
AUTHOR: Adept DeWinter, Adeptus Administratum
SUBJECT: How to submit Inquisitorial Debriefings
RECIPIENT: Newly Appointed Acolytes

When submitting reports to the Inquisitorial chain-of-command, please follow these protocols. Keeping them in mind will help to ensure that the reports are sent to the proper individuals and reviewed in time.

Step One: The Header

The Classification is the designation as to what type of report you are filing.

  • Inquisitorial Reports are official debriefings as to what has transpired over a period of time.
  • Inquisitorial Requisitions are official requests for supplies from your Inquisitor.

The Clearance specifies how secure the file should be.

  • White Clearance designated unclassified information.
  • Crimson Clearance is able to be seen by any member of the Imperial Inquisition.
  • Magenta Clearance is able to be seen by Interrogators and Inquisitors.
  • Indigo Clearance is able to be seen only by Inquisitors.
  • Violet Clearance is visible only by Lord Inquisitors.
  • Black Clearance is rumored to exist, but no reports bearing this level of clearance have ever been seen.

The Encryption used designates how urgent the messages are.

  • Cryptox v2.8 is the standard Inquisitorial Encryption. Its use is simple, but slow. Use it for normal priority messages.
  • Cryptox v2.9 is an elite Inquisitorial Encryption. It uses a much more complex set of algorithms than v2.8, so it processes and transmits the message much faster, but it is taxing on the system, so it should only be used for messages that require an immediate response.

As for author, subject, and recipients, I’m certain you know how to fill those out.

Step Two: The Contents

Please keep the reports detailed, but make sure to include links to other files you reference. Annotations are also important. Denote all the other case files or include photos where necessary. I’m certain as an Adept, you are quite familiar with how to submit standardized Imperial reports.

-Adept DeWinter


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