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Population: Unknown

Tithe Grade: Exactus Nihilis

Classification: Corpse-Fortune is a Dead World within the Cauldon Subsection of the Koronos Expanse, Rimward of the Calixis Subsector.

Description: The Corpse-Fortune System was never officially founded, but was discovered by Battle Group Trajan in M40.927 during one of their deep patrols from Port Wander. This small system of planets is made up of three planets: Corpse-Fortune Primaris, Corpse-Fortune Secundus, and Corpse-Fortune Tertius.

Primaris and Secundus are small dense planets with near normal gravity (.95G and .84G, respectively). They both have heavy atmospheres with moderate toxicity. The primary climate of these planets is frozen tundra with icy winds of up to 50km/h. The planet has two supercontinental masses buried under ice that are believed to house Xenos ruins of unknown origin.

Tertius is a much larger gas giant with triple orbital rings and an extremely high gravity (2.7G). They show no signs of Xenos ruins or any habitable topography.

Governmental Type: None.

Planetary Governor: None.

Adeptus Presence: Extremely Minimal; One small orbiting space station manned by a handful of Adeptus Mechanicus.

Inquisitorial Presence: None present.

Military: Unknown. Assumed presense: None. Last military contact was with 403rd Penal Legion in M40.927.

Trade/Economy: None.


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