Rules of Play

These are the rules I have for running game. This is mostly just here to give you all a heads up in advance as to things that tend to annoy me as a storyteller. While I’m certain that I won’t have issues with any of you as players, I like to let people know things up front just in case. If you have any questions, please ask.

RULE ONE: Have fun!

It’s the reason I’m here, and I hope it’s the reason you’re here too. If you’re not having fun, let me know what I can do to make game more entertaining for you.

RULE TWO: Allow others to have fun.

Also known as the corollary to Rule One. This is supposed to be a fun experience for more people than just yourself. The first storyteller I ever played with years ago told me something that stuck with me, and I agree with it completely. When you come to game, leave your baggage at the door, and pick it back up when you leave.

RULE THREE: Story beats Mechanics.

I’m here to tell a story and let you guys have fun. If I wanted to be bogged down in bureaucratic nightmares of minutia, I rather do it at work where I get paid to do that. Long story short: If an issue with mechanics comes up that brings the gameplay to a halt for more than a few seconds, I’ll issue a call for that instance, and we’ll move on. If you feel that the call may set a dangerous precedent or you have some other issue with it, please bring it up to me after game. I will address it after game in more detail when I can sit down with you one on one. Nobody wants to be at a game of Tabletop: The Lawyering.

RULE FOUR: Respect the Venue.

Please don’t make a mess in our house. Make sure you clean up after yourself. Don’t be an asshat.

RULE FIVE: Err on the side of Epic.

The world of the 41st Millenium is filled with Millions of worlds with Billions of people. What makes you stand out from those near endless throngs of humanity? You stood up where others sat or fell down. Show us what makes you better than the rest of this dark and grim galaxy. Moments of action tend to be short lived and brutal in Dark Heresy, so burn bright, or get snuffed out. The more awesome you make something, the more likely I am to let it happen.

RULE SIX: When I’m running for you, please pay attention.

I don’t mean to come across as a jerk with this one, but it is a pet peeve of mine. If I’m running a scene, and you’re in it, please don’t play games on your phone or reading a book unrelated to the game. I completely understand if you’re not in the scene, and that’s fine at that point. But if I’m running for you, please pause whatever it is until the scene is done. It makes me feel like you’re not interested in the scene I’m running for you.

RULE SEVEN: Let me gather my thoughts before game.

To help set the mood for game, I will be playing music throughout the game. When I say I’m going to start game, I will play a piece of music to start with. Think of it like the game’s theme song. This helps me to gather my thoughts and prepare for the rest of game. During that, I would encourage you to use that time to get into character so we can start game strongly. Even if you don’t wish to do that, I would ask that you stay silent to allow others the opportunity to do so.

RULE EIGHT: This game is for you.

This game is for you, the players. It’s not for your friends, random spectators, or anyone else. As such, please don’t bring other people to game unless you ask all the other players and they are okay with it. This also applies for wanting to add anyone to the game. Right now, I have a set group of players. If you are interested in bringing a friend in, let me know. I will ask everyone in game, and if they are all okay with it, we’ll have another one at the table next game. Keep in mind, invitations require a unanimous decision.

Rules of Play

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